Training Routine

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Warm Up Before Training

Firstly,I will go run for 30mins around a 400m track as a starter before training. This is for the body to adapt to the running motion from usual pace. After the run i will cool down for 3 minutes befor starting my stretches. Stretches are done to make sure that one's body parts are ready to do intensive training. I follow This 5 step stretching process which i have been using for the past 5 years.

stretches1 stretches2 stretches3

Training Process

Firstly, I always start of with some simple striding for 4 times to increase my heartbeat and be prepared for the long run and drills. Striding is not the same as sprinting. Sprinting is when you have to use 100% of ur effort while striding is only about 70%. Therefore u dont have to brun yourself before the actual training in this step. Secondly, after striding I will start on my dirlls. Drills are sectioned to 3 different stations. At station number 1 you will do speed ladder drill for four times ending off with a 30 meter dash. The second picture shows what is a speed ladder drill. You should do the second one how This video shows. The next station is where you will do high knees while jumping over small hurdles. This one also has to be done 4 times ending off with a 30 meter dash. You have to do 2 on the left leg and 2 on the right leg. The next drill is doing large hurlde drils. This drills are useful in reducing pain while running long distances. After the drills go for a 10 km run and time yourself. As time goes by you will realise that your time is gradually dropping. After a few months start running longer distances like 16-20km. You will feel the change in your speed and that's a success.

striding ladder marathon

Cool Down

After this intensive training, you have to cool down. For cool down you have to run for 20minutes around 400m track at your own pace. After the cool down run you have to repeat the stretches again to ensure that there will not be any cramps on your body after training. Moreover, drink a lot of water after all this. That is all for cool down.

cooldown water water2