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Firstly I'll introduce myself. My name is Raj, and I am currently studying Informaton Technology in Singapore Polytechnic as a year 1 student. Running long distances has always been my passion since young. I got my interest in running long distances after seeing my dad's certificates and medals for running 1.6km. Thats's when i decided to run 1.6km as a start and here I am today running over 10km. Currently I am in Singapore Polytechnic long distance running team and i hope to acheive a lot from being in a team of very talented runners.

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Personal Best Timings

16km - 1 Hour (2019)

10km - 47 Mins (2017)

8.6km - 37 Mins (2017)

5km - 19:11 Mins(2018)

2.4km - 8.44 Mins(2017)

My inspiration

Mo Farah is my inspiration for long distance running. I first saw him in televison while watching 2012 London olympics game. During his 10km race he was started off really slow, however in the last few rounds he took the lead and clinched 1st place for the event. This really made me get inspired by him as even though he started slow he finished strong. Till today he's my inspiration when it comes to long distance running.

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