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Hi! I am Raj and I am a marathon runner who runs long distances. I created this site to mainly cater to those who have an interest in running long distances. Moreover, this site will act as a platform for those who wants to know how to train for marathons and get an edge over those whom are running in the marathon. Not only this I wil be sharing my secret tips on how to be a professional marathon runner. I hope you will benefit from the information provided on this site and start your journey of becoming an elite marathon runner!

Why Long distance over Short distance?

Many thinks long distance running is a very unpopular sport and there is more hype for short distance running. Even in Olympics there is always more recognition for short distance. However, many do not realise that long distance running requires more training and it will have harder training compared to short distance training. Not only this long distance running has more events compared to short distance running. Events such as marathons happens world wide now and then. You can visit our Events section to know what long distnace running events happens around Singapore. So why are you waiting for embark on a long distanced journey and realise your extreme limits within you.

Why isn't Long distance as popular as Short distance?

Firstly, long distance running races does not end quick like 100m or 200m races. Its usually 18mins to 2 hours. Not many would sit down that long to watch someone else run. However, long distance running is way harder and intensive compared to short distance running. Morover athelets like usian bolt are well known due to their records in short distance running which makes long distance atheletes unknown. So, these might be the reason you chose to visit this website as you may or may not know much about long distance running. I hope u will learn more from this site.

Some of my medals

Yellow ribbon community project Run 4th in Singapore 5KM in 24Mins


Strait times run 2018 5KM in 22Mins


Acheived 1st place is annual cross-country 8.6KM in 37Mins